Achilleas Ziartis

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Thank fully, we had heard from my cardiologist that one of his patients was operated at a hospital in Belgium where there was a specialized cardiology department under the leadership of Dr. Vanermen

My name is Achilleas Ziartis and I live in Cyprus.
Approximately 15 years ago I was diagnosed with Mitral Valve Prolapse. Since then my cardiologist here in Cyprus run tests on a yearly basis to confirm that my situation remained the same.  Unfortunately I had neglected to visit the doctor in the last few years and when I ran the same tests 1.5 years ago, my cardiologist indicated that the situation worsened and indicated that at some time in the future I would have to be operated. From thereon, me and my wife started looking at options for the surgery either within Cyprus (the options here were actually only 2) or abroad.

Thank fully, we had heard from my cardiologist that one of his patients was operated at a hospital in Belgium where there was a specialized cardiology department under the leadership of Dr. Vanermen who was performing these types of surgeries as well using

a pioneering method that Dr. Vanermen had discovered himself which was the least intrusive and whereby the recovery period for the patient was shorter than the traditional method

for these types of operations (just to name a few of the advantages of Dr Vanermen’s method). We came to realize that Dr Vanermen was a renowned Cardiologist throughout the world and that his pioneering method for this type of operation was in use for a number of years.

I still remember the date when I took the liberty of writing an email to Dr Vanermen. It was the Good Friday right before Easter here in Cyprus. It was a long email which included a number of questions pertaining obviously both to the operation, the logistic of the operation as well as my results from the ultrasound. I was unsure whether the email would even reach Dr Vanermen.

By the time I returned from church late in the evening, some 2-3 hrs from the time I had sent my memo, I found a response from Dr Vanermen in my Inbox. I couldn’t believe it. Dr. Vanermen took the time to respond and addressed ALL my questions. I remember the first questions was whether Dr Vanermen would be performing the operation himself (as I expected that a world-famous doctor of his caliber and experience having such a busy schedule would not have the time to perform operations). His answer was loud and clear “SURE”. Even from that very first response I started feeling the confidence I never to that point received from the Doctors I had visited here in Cyprus.
From that point onward, I exchanged a number of emails with both Dr Vanermen as well as the administratos of the clinic and set the date for my operation. Once we had arrived at the hospital, we went through the administration / logistics and from thereon I started going through a number of tests that Dr Vanermen had prescribed for me (I believe I had gone through 12 different tests from the time I had entered the operation till the time of the operation – 1.5 days).

I can still remember the day that Dr Vanermen came to my room at the hospital the day before the operation and took the time patience to explain to both myself and my wife about the process and operation and address all our questions.

He had even asked his secretary to bring him a diagram of the heart and explained to us in obviously simple terms how the heart works, what was my specific problem (he had known all the dimensions and stats for my case by heart) and what the operation and recovery entailed (something that other doctors simply indicated to us that this was too technical for us and didn’t bother to explain to us – which we obviously didn’t appreciate). The last question that my wife asked the doctor before leaving was how she would know the results of the operation and whether his secretary would be notifying her of this.

Dr Vanermen held my wife’s hands and he told her: “Don’t worry. I will come to you right after the operation and let you know of the results. I want you both to know that will be fine”. By the time the doctor left the room we were both confident and knew that “we were in good hands”.

As I had found-out later, Dr Vanermen went to my wife and not only told her about the successful completion and outcome of the surgery but also showed her on his mobile both how the mitral valve worked before and after the operation.

I spent 1 day in the Intensive Care Unit. From there on, I was transferred to my patient room whereby I was closely monitored by a Team of Doctors and nurses throughout my stay at the hospital. When I was released from the Hospital I was given my reports, instructions for the way forward as well as drug prescriptions. My recovery continued back home under the supervision of my cardiologist who was very impressed with the results.

The technical report which we had received from the Hospital and goes through all the medical matters is attached. The reason I wrote these few words is just to explain my case and provide some background information which does not appear in technical reports.

It was a real pleasure and honor of meeting and being operated by such a world-renowned Physician who really cares for his patients not only from the purely technical / medical aspect but also from the psychological one which is equally important (something that is unfortunately rare in our days).

Kind regards
Achilleas Ziartis

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