Your valve can always be repaired endoscopically!

by on June 27, 2013

No Scar, No Pain, Fast Rehabilitation!
In many, if not all instances the mitral valve can be surgically repaired to restore its function. A repair is always better for the patient on the long term then a replacement as every prosthesis for the mitral valve has significant drawbacks. A repair can be carried out perfectly in a non-invasive way.

The splitting of the breastbone with all its deleterious effects on scarformation, comfort and rehabilitation can be avoided. The repair is carried
out trough a 4-5cm incision without any ribspreading and the visualisation of the valve is obtained with an endoscope: the view is way better then the one with a naked eye! The heart is temporarily arrested with an extra-corporeal circulation connected to the big vessels in the groin.
A better repair without any side-effects as pain, big scar and a fast-track to complete rehabilitation are major advantages.
This intervention was designed by Dr Vanermen in 1997 and ever since his experience has reached over two thousand cases.